Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Round Two

Yeah!! Finally time to try again!  We are now ready after 3 months to get started.  I received my medications in the mail last Saturday and was a bit concerned when no progesterone shots were in the box.  I called the clinic on Monday morning and she said, "oh honey, we have a surprise for more progesterone shots!!" What, really, that seems wrong!??  So, now I only have a few weeks of every third day estrogen shots and progesterone capsules for the 10-12 weeks after transfer-because we will be pregnant this time. That just made my life a whole lot easier...but I am sure will make my shot giver upset because she thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain on me.  My first shot of the new cycle begins on Tuesday, July 3, with a potential transfer the week of the 23rd....YEAH!! Here we go again!