Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transfer Success

After waiting a while for the call yesterday we were scheduled for an 11:30 transfer that actually didn't happen until 1:00.  That is a long wait when you have to go to the bathroom!  We transferred 2 embryos yesterday.  One beautiful and one not as beautiful (this one needs a few more prayers). After laying down for an hour in the office we went quickly to In N Out Burger for grilled cheese and shakes to bring back to the room.  I spent 24 hours on bed rest with Carrie waiting on me....I guess I did a lot of sighing when I would roll over...bed rest is not my thing and it was only 24 hours.  Today around 1:00 I got to shower and head out to take it easy.  We went to the Grove shopping area where I sat and watched Carrie do some shopping.  Then we drove to Venice Beach and sat in the sand for a bit and watched the ocean.  Back here in time for wine hour so Carrie could enjoy a couple free glasses of wine after spending about 30 minutes on the 405 to drive only 1 1/2 miles...
Tomorrow we will go to Rodeo Drive, West Beverly High, and the Hollywood Sign before heading to the airport to get  home and see my cute little bean.
The guys are so excited...and can't even believe they have to wait until next Thursday to find out about the next phase of their dream!!

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